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BG Micro push iPhone4 DIY new protective film

Is Limpidity high protective film for iPhone 4 through selling the occasion, BG Micro also put forward contact Williams new "games are played." Not only introduced the iPhone 4 to adapt to the matte film and protective film products, but still give the user a new choice: iPhone 4 DIY Special Edition protective film.

What is a "DIY Special Edition" mean? Buy iPhone 4 DIY is a special edition users can "free with" front and back of the two types of protective film, in high permeability, sanding, mirror Choose two of three films as a DIY. For example: "positive Matte film" take "on the back of Mirror Mask," "positive high-permeability membrane" ride "on the back of matte film," etc., etc., as long as you like, any combination is possible.

Frostbow for iPhone 4 DIY Special Edition

Features diagram

BG Micro-contact Si protective film products designed specifically for iPhone 4-sided protective film, complete protection of both sides of iPhone's, both before and after. Substrates imported from Japan, after high-intensity hardened, not only to protect the phone screen is not scratched, and the smooth surface texture, can give the user a comfortable operating experience. And effectively reduce the long-term use touch screen for finger fatigue caused by a sense of the finger and the phone screen double protection.

BG Micro-contact protective film annex Sri Lanka

Contact Williams BG Micro new products Frostbow for iPhone 4 DIY retail price of 89 yuan special edition set that includes mobile phone screen and the backing with the one posted (protective film types optional), also with dust paste BG, BG scratch cards and other accessories .

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