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PE protective film profiles the five most prone to quality problems

Problem one: the user is to reflect the most protective film products, debonding, this film embodies the most protection in the profile, the profile when the user after completion of construction to install protective film removed from the profile to the surface when the performance of the adhesive protective film not with the protective film, but the product remains in the profile, which is the most reluctant to see the user, because it is very difficult, need to hand to the glue from the profiles at the incident down, time and labor in particular, occurs problem has many possibilities, the biggest may be the protective film products used in plastic does not meet the required pressure, it is too sticky, resulting in protective film products were removed, external tension was greater than within the yin force, while the residues in the Profile on. This problem occurs if the user can use a clean cloth dipped in a little alcohol, glue on the residual sensitivity to repeatedly smear, smear until sensitive adhesive was clean, but to note that during the time do not rub it too hard , or may affect the finish of the product profiles.

Problem 2: protective film and paste between the protected product is not solid, in the transport and use off phenomenon occurred, the problem occurs because a problem to keep up with the contrary, the biggest is the possibility of protective film products in the production and insufficient use of sensitive adhesive, there is a possibility that the user when making posts mold used in molding machines pressure is not enough, or do not clean the surface profile, dust or paint, etc., affect the sensitive gum paste effect! If we must address this issue because the right remedy to replace sensitive adhesive, increasing the pressure foil, or foil when the attention of the profiles of the surface effective cleaning, to avoid such problems.

Question three: the use of protective film for some time after the middle of performing well, but both ends of the wings Qi, the main reason for this phenomenon is the protection and the protection film profiles in the paste process, the greater the degree of its tension, in good quote later, when the temperature environment, there has been unnecessary retraction of this multi-product customers in the South, so protective film over the production process should pay attention to environmental temperature on the impact of product in the paste process to avoid unnecessary surface tension.

Question 4: Peel protective film products difficult, the profiles were stripped product installed, the protective layer can not effectively strip, The reason there are two possibilities, one is to protect sensitive plastic film products used in special protective film is not sensitive adhesive, if it is In this case, protective film effect in the paste when the course is very good, but when the spin-off will be very difficult, which is illegal in the protective film products produced by manufacturers of protective film of the most common problems, there is a possibility that mastering the use of protective film material is too soft and unable to withstand the pulling force when peeling, breakage occurs when the spin-off to getting users very much headache.

Question 5: Although you can effectively protect the film strip products in a protective film profiles the performance of the surface remaining words, the problem in some low-grade protective film products often because protective film to be protected profiles with the combination between When, in the event the sun, water and so the right environment, and place the role of a chemical combination, the role of such compounds currently no good way to avoid because it is not a reproduction rules can be found, so now, this the problem has not a good way to avoid health!

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