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What is the function of protective film?

Protective film on the function of a simple scratch from the original company's Taiwan Tianxiong functional protective film material derived from the emergence of anti-reflective film AR, AG matte anti-reflective film, mobile phone mirror film, anti-spy film, HD scratch resistant film functional protective film.

AR anti-reflective protective film against electromagnetic radiation
AG anti-reflective protective film against electromagnetic radiation basically pet material, three scratch resistant electromagnetic radiation structure.

Protection film thickness: 0.25mm or so. Anti-reflective, anti-electromagnetic radiation, the effective UV filter. Static adsorption technology, without glue to paste many times. High durability, superior scratch resistance and durability. 99% light transmission, sharp and clear picture quality. The more popular in the market, quality is uneven, should be OK8 more superior brand.

Matte Film AG
Three-tier structure, the surface layer of frosted layer, can effectively resist the invasion of fingerprints, fingers glide without leaving traces; even sweat and other liquid residues left behind, just hand then massage can be cleaned to ensure maximum visual effect of the screen . Material through special treatment, can be effective anti-reflective, reducing the screen in the sun or other reflective problems.

Mirror Film
Originated in Japan. In the main screen backlight off, the protective film has played a role in the mirror. Backlight is turned on through the film can be normal display text and images. Film is divided into 5 to 6 layers, and which had a layer of aluminum deposition processing. External light reflected by this layer to achieve a mirror function.

Privacy Filter
Using ultra-fine blinds (micro louver) optical technology to screen information specifically for users to read from the front angle of 60 degrees. When angle greater than 60 degrees will not be able to see the contents of the screen, 30-degree viewing angle, the screen content will be present fuzzy state., for the protection of commercial secrets and personal privacy. the existing anti-film products is a glimpse of the original anti-reflective film, UV film, mirror film, film based on the radiation and then add the new features and Privacy Filter combination.

HD scratch protection film
Three-tier structure: PET protective film of low viscosity (surface material) + stripping film (substrate) + protective layer. SMART Process After the membrane surface, abrasion resistant scratch, scratch. Three subdural PET material, high hardness, mainly to prevent wear and tear on the screen handwriting strokes.

High permeability-type material, to the nearest phone screen material, so that the angle of light refraction and reflection of unity in order to achieve hundred percent light transmission. 2H divided into the conventional film scratch --- not wear scar damage, 4H type with high resistance to abrasion marks --- carbon crystal 5H-level damage and wear resistant type --- Super damage marks. The difference is that the 4H and 5H in the protection of ultra-thin layer of crystal coated with solidified coating.

Protective film, such as today's advanced OK8, BENKS and Ka Dengshi are based on the 4H and 5H scratch structure. 2H conventional film distribution generally is the mobile phone factory original film. Functional protective film is a new generation product.

It combines the pursuit of the younger generation of fashion and practical performance of the combination. Now, more and more young people like to play "cool" play "personality." Protective film on the phone screen is not only required only a simple dust, scratch. Users expect more out of a single product can play a different personality. In the protective film can be divided into a transparent appearance, color, color frosted, crystal stickers, etc., according to the size of the brand recognition and price vary.

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