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PE protective film profiles the five most likely to have quality problems

Today's protective film product than previous years, the quality has been greatly improved, but still there are many functional details to be perfect, especially the profile protective film products used for more than two months, will be gradually exposed The following years, of course, in fact, played a protective film protection products has always been short, this is understandable, but I can see, this issue should be at least half a year later to appear in the use, otherwise users a reason to of the protective film to challenge the quality of products.

This is our protective film production companies want to see, the problem one: the user is to reflect the most protective film products unglued issue that reflects the profile up to protect the membrane, when the user to profiles after they have finished the installation and construction of protective film torn from the surface profile, when the performance of the adhesive protective film is not as protective film, but the product remains in the profile, which is most reluctant to see the user as it very difficult, need someone to cut them down on the glue from the profiles, particularly working time fee, there are many possibilities such problems, most likely is to protect the pressure of plastic film products used does not meet the requirements, that is too sticky, lead to protective film product is stripped, the external tension is greater than the negative force, but on the left in the profile.

If you face this problem, you can use a clean cloth dipped in a little alcohol, residual sensitive adhesive on repeated smear, smear until sensitive adhesive is clean, but it needs to be noted that during the time do not wipe too hard , or may affect the finish of the product profiles.

Question two: the protection film and paste between the protected product is not solid, in the transport and use off phenomenon occurred, the cause of this problem appears to keep up with a problem on the contrary, most likely the product is to protect the film production sensitive adhesive used is not enough, there is a possibility that when the user during the post mold molding machine used in the pressure is not enough, or do not clean the surface profile, dust or paint, etc., affecting sensitive adhesive paste effect! If the reasons for this issue will be the right remedy, the replacement of sensitive adhesive, increase the film pressure, or when the attention of the film surface on the profile of effective cleaning, to avoid such problems.

Problem Three: protective film between the use of good performance over time, but both ends of the wings, the main reason for this phenomenon is protected with the protective film profiles in the paste process, the greater the degree of its tension, in a good quote later, when the temperature environment, there has been unnecessary retraction phenomenon, the problem in the south of customers more products, so too protective film during the manufacturing process should pay attention to environmental temperature on the impact of product in the paste process to avoid unnecessary surface tension.

Question four: peeling hard protective film products, installed in the stripping profile product, the protective film can not be effectively stripped, the reason there are two possibilities, one protective film is not sensitive adhesive products used in specific sensitive adhesive protective film, if it is In this case, protective film effect in the paste when the course is very good, but when the spin-off will be very difficult, which is illegal in the protective film products produced by manufacturers of protective film the most common problems, there is a possibility that mastering the use of protective film material is too soft and unable to withstand the pull of the time stripping, fracture occurs when the spin-off phenomenon, this way, the user is headache.

Five questions: protective film products, though it can peel the surface of the remnants of a protective film profiles the performance of the word, the problem in some low-grade protective film products often because protective film to be protected profiles with the combination between When, in the event the sun, water and so the right environment, and a combination of natural occurrence, the role of this compound is currently no good way to avoid, because it's not a regular representation to be found, so the present problem has not been a good way to avoid raw!

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