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Water-Sensitive Masking Paper

Product Outline:
Water-Sensitive Masking paper is based on imported kraft or parchment as
base paper and coated with water-sensitive adhesives which have no adhesiveness under normal dry condition. Steam or water mist is sprayed to the adhesive surface when being used, which endues it with pressure-sensitive adhesive performance and be very easy to be peeled off from the sheet surface.

Water-sensitive masking paper is mainly used for surface protection on
plastic sheet, especially for thinner plastic sheet and furniture board etc.

Product Specification:
Size: 1270mm x (1000 ~ 1500)m [Width x Length];
According to customer's different requirement on different size and
The weight of base paper is as following 40g㎡,45g/㎡,50g/㎡

Brown color of Unbleached color. Printing logo is available upon customer's

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